2013 is for Cuttings ONLY

This year will be a season that I will propagate few if any plants to offer to collectors. That being said, cuttings will be plenty and hopefully very generous since the plants will not have been ‘cut on’ for the purpose of starting plants. During the past I would put 2-3 two node cuttings into the pots to offer up as plants when they were well rooted. Since the plants will only be grown to offer fresh cuttings this season, I suspect they will be thriving in the Florida sunshine and warmth and cuttings will be plenty.

My reasoning behind this change in product comes from many places. The first reason being the space I have to offer my plants is limited. Although I have much space inside as well as outside, set up for growing, I am always striving to bring more species into the country to grow for distribution. This change will allow me to do this without worry of running out of productive space.  The second reason comes from the comments of many of my customers. They have expressed that their success with growing out a cutting has equal success with receiving a plant already rooted that may just sit there for months on end as it becomes acclimated to its new surroundings. In some cases you have told me that you cuttings far exceed the plants in new growth and blooms.  The third reason is the cost and excessive use of electricity involved in nursing the stock until they are ready to sell.  During the summer months I will be able to decrease the amount of lights needed inside the greenhouse/garage and use primarily sunshine. This will be better for the environment as well as keep my costs down. With lower operating costs I will be able to offer hoyas at a stable and lower price to my customers around the world! Now if I could only lower the cost of shipping them via USPS :0)

What will the 2014 Season bring…? This can only be answered at the close of this season. There is a chance I will begin propagating to again offer plants. I never say NEVER!!! Your comments, questions and concerns with this announcement are VERY welcomed and expected.

P.S. You are still able to purchase PLANTS that are still in stock from 2012…but when these are gone they are gone.

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