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Unbelieveable sight in late March

I have been in Florida since 1990 and have never experienced such cold temperatures this late in the year. It is normal for me to bring all of the hoyas outside on or about March 1 and by April I am basking in the sun floating in my swimming. But this year, is very very different from past decades.

As I cautiously moved the hoyas out onto the Shelf, which is their Summer destination, I now have them bundled up for the week since the threat of frost is still in the forecast. I also have many of the hanging hoyas outside but since they are a bit closer to the overhang I am chancing they will not suffer from the cold. Last week when I was sure spring was here, I ended up finding 3 plants with ‘cold’ damage.

This Winter Season has been very warm but full of extremes including many warm days followed by really cold nights. On the lighter side…I have much more information as to the cold temp tolerances of many of the plants. :0) I am working on updating this information on the product pages of my website.

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Hoya montana IML 1016

This is one of my first blooming hoyas so of course it brings a smile to my face each time it blooms. Also holds the name of my oldest niece! This tough hoya is easy to grow and even endures low temperatures as it has lived outside all winter long and has not missed a beat. The soft yellow blooms are buttery scented and last for about 2 weeks. This species is a must have for everyone’s collection!

Hoya montana IML 1016 Hoya montana IML 1016 Hoya montana IML 1016

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Shiney White Discs – Hoya danumensis

This plant has bloomed many times but never had the energy to push out the flowers to their most beautiful stage. The shiney white discs speak for themselves but for reference on size, each flower measures 30mm across and 10mm deep. This hoya is from the family of ‘thin-leafed’ hoyas which most view as difficult to receive/root/grow and bloom. I would like to say this one is not difficult for me in anyway…most are.

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014

Hoya campanulata SRQ 3014


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Hoya monetteae – A SUPER fragrant bloom

As the last few days went by I continually enjoyed a fragrance that I thought must be the Hoya lacunosas that are in continual bloom. To my pleasant surprise, I finally noticed the large umbrel on my Hoya monetteae was totally open. When I got close to the plant, to move outside to photograph before the sunset for the day, I was treated to the strongest pleasant fragrance that I have yet to experience from one umbrel. I can only imagine the joy it would bring if the plant was full of open blooms!

Hoya monetteae IML 1774 monetteae1774 monetteae1774_6

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Hoya valmayoriana = Hoya sp. Philippines IML 0831

This well deserved hoya now has a name according to this source. I am still searching to find more information but wanted to pass this great news along. I have grown this one for 4 years and it has always been on of my favorites for it’s foliage and striking orange and magenta blooms. It grows without issues if I keep it watered well.

Hoya valmayoriana spPhilippines0831_1


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2013 is for Cuttings ONLY

This year will be a season that I will propagate few if any plants to offer to collectors. That being said, cuttings will be plenty and hopefully very generous since the plants will not have been ‘cut on’ for the purpose of starting plants. During the past I would put 2-3 two node cuttings into the pots to offer up as plants when they were well rooted. Since the plants will only be grown to offer fresh cuttings this season, I suspect they will be thriving in the Florida sunshine and warmth and cuttings will be plenty.

My reasoning behind this change in product comes from many places. The first reason being the space I have to offer my plants is limited. Although I have much space inside as well as outside, set up for growing, I am always striving to bring more species into the country to grow for distribution. This change will allow me to do this without worry of running out of productive space.  The second reason comes from the comments of many of my customers. They have expressed that their success with growing out a cutting has equal success with receiving a plant already rooted that may just sit there for months on end as it becomes acclimated to its new surroundings. In some cases you have told me that you cuttings far exceed the plants in new growth and blooms.  The third reason is the cost and excessive use of electricity involved in nursing the stock until they are ready to sell.  During the summer months I will be able to decrease the amount of lights needed inside the greenhouse/garage and use primarily sunshine. This will be better for the environment as well as keep my costs down. With lower operating costs I will be able to offer hoyas at a stable and lower price to my customers around the world! Now if I could only lower the cost of shipping them via USPS :0)

What will the 2014 Season bring…? This can only be answered at the close of this season. There is a chance I will begin propagating to again offer plants. I never say NEVER!!! Your comments, questions and concerns with this announcement are VERY welcomed and expected.

P.S. You are still able to purchase PLANTS that are still in stock from 2012…but when these are gone they are gone.

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The Tiniest Hoya Flower that I grow…so far

So many hoyas are known for their spectacular huge blooms but have you read anywhere about the wonderful tiny blooms on the Hoya parviflora? This hoya seems to have fallen through the cracks of the Hoya collectors’ must-have list. It grows with no trouble at all and fills out a hanging pot beautifully. I did not detect a scent on the 3mm flowers but I have watched a bee enjoy the nectar which had to be ever to minimal. Consider adding this one to your Wish List!

tiny blooming hoya

parviflora3030_4 parviflora3030_3 parviflora_1

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Hoya inflata

Since I’ve rooted this cutting last winter I have watched the plant struggle to push out many gorgeous little yellow ‘lanterns’. But on the 4th or 5th try it had enough energy to do so and with that being said seems to continue time after time. The blooms are a faint lemony fragrance and only in the evening. This is a must have for every collection!

Hoya inflata DSC02035

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Leaf Damage from Misting under Lights

The luxury of growing under a full spectrum of grow light is not all fun and games. This being the second year I have grown exclusively under artificial lights from roughly mid October thru Mid March I still have much to learn.  At the beginning of the season as the weather turned chilly and dry….I thought it would be beneficial to mist…mist and mist the plants throughout the day each and every day. After about a month of doing so, I discovered some disturbing leaf damage.  Not all plants and not all the same looking symptoms. As I backed off the misting to no null…the damage has ceased but many plants do not look so pretty. Here are the different looks of leaves that have been ‘burned’ by the intense light shining thru the water drops.

DSC02016 DSC02017 DSC02018 DSC02019 DSC02020

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Hoya subcalva IML 0229

This hoya continues to fill the garage/greenhouse with grape scented blooms day after day and month after month. I purchased this as a cutting in 2012 and the plant did little or nothing all summer outside on the lanai. As soon as I brought it inside to grow under artificial light and conditions it has taken off and rewarded me with beautiful blooms for most of the winter. Today I noticed five open umbrels so I decided that scene warranted a photo shoot. ENJOY…

Hoya sucalva Grape fragranceHoya subcalva blooms oftenHoya IML 0229 Bloomingest hoyasHoya subcalva pink bloomsHoya subcalva pink striped bloom

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