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Hoya megalaster Seed Pod has been spotted and wrapped to capture the seeds

Wow!!! As I busily took cuttings to fill my orders this morning I screamed “WooHoo”!!!  I was looking for the best cutting on my Hoya megalaster IML 1099 and noticed that when I handled one of the few vines…it was extremely heavy.  That is a good indicator for me to take a closer look.  I had almost taken a cuttings that would have detached the ripening seed pod.  I would have been so mad at myself if that had happened.

The pod itself measures 6 inches long and 1 inch at the thickest point.  I now have it wrapped so as to capture the ripe seeds and attempt to grow them out into plants.  I know that is a very difficult and lengthy task with little chance of success but I am willing to do my best.  When the seeds come, I plan to sow them inside under artificial lights in a controlled environment since the cooler days and nights will be here prior to any sense of maturity will be reached.  I am confident that delicate hoyas will not survive a change in environment since many of my established mature plants suffer each year from the move inside.

For now I will check on the seed pod often to be sure the everyday rains do not cause it to rot inside the netting I provided.


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New Hoya Cuttings Rooting

I would like to take this chance to show you what I continue to do each year to bring new species into the United States to share.  This instance happens to be a private exchange with a collector in Thailand as opposed to an actual order and exchanged monies.  A couple of weeks ago I sent my Import Permit along with the necessary materials to be included on or inside my package.  When he received the package, he promptly sent my cuttings on a Monday. They arrived at my home the Friday of the same week and there was no evidence that US Customs opened or even tampered with the package which is always a great thing!

After opening the package I carefully removed the very very dehydrated cuttings and put them into a bath of water to which I added a bit of Super Thrive.  I continually checked on them throughout the day as to not allow any of them to turn soggy from the soak.  Late that evening I decided to assemble my hydroponics system and remove the cuttings from their soak.  Even though they showed little if any signs of hydration, a greater fear I had was the fear of rot setting in overnight.

Each tiny 3″ mesh pot received a hoop and two cuttings and I carefully filled each pot with the growing medium I prefer and have had great success with.  It is called Sunleaves and you can read more about it here.  The hydroponics system is very basic and I use nutrients in the water which will only begin to beneficial to the cuttings when roots appear.  The only moisture that will benefit these stressed cuttings is the moisture they find in the air.  Having said that, I mist often and also spray the blue platform to create humidity.   For now I placed them under an 8 bulb T11 florescent fixture and did not lower it any further than 18″ above the cuttings for fear of drying them out too fast.

Now I wait and hope to see improvement in the leaves. Many continue to yellow and fall off which is normal but as long as the stem is alive…the cutting is viable.  These photos are 6 days after the cuttings arrived and I have noticed no major changes.  I will continue to update as I see changes…good or bad.



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FLAT RATE SHIPPING has been lowered to $6 per order!!! Domestic Orders only.

I have been anticipating this drop in price for awhile now and today I decide…”It’s time to do it”.  Since most of my orders are now cuttings as opposed to plants I think it only fair to pass along the savings to my loyal US customers as well as my new US customers.  I do regret that I am unable to lower the cost of shipping to my International customers. The price is literally the lowest I can charge for Express Mail Service thru the USPS.  As before, I do not focus on benefiting from shipping costs, NEVER have and NEVER will.

I hope this saving makes it more attractive to purchase that hoya cutting that you have been longing to grow that was just not in the budget.  As before, this FLAT RATE does not include supplies and you should expect and invoice for the remaining postage when I have actually purchased postage just prior to shipping.

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