2014 SRQHoyas is OPEN for Business

It has been 47 days since the SRQHoyas and I left sunny Florida to relocate to York, Pennsylvania and I am happy to say I am finally ready to resume offering many of the hoyas that were lucky enough to make the trip.  The journey seems much longer than it actually was but all of the planning and struggling was well worth it and we are settled into our new homes.

I will be adding entries periodically to document our journey so check back often.

On February 28 the climate controlled moving truck arrived and quickly began loading the many boxes of hoyas onto the warmest area of the trailer. Although it was warm in Sarasota for the beginning of the journey we knew it would turn cold by the end of the first day of travel.  When all of the plants were safely loaded and I felt confident the guys could finish loading the rest of the supplies, benches, lights, I coaxed Nico into her plush travel crate and headed north.


Nico’s Plush Travel Crate

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