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Arriving in PA just before the Next Snow Storm

The trek up North on Interstate 95 took us 2 days and we arrived at our destination on Saturday afternoon. I decided that before going to my new home and Greenhouse/Sunroom, which I had not seen yet, I would unpack and get settled into my mom’s home since we would stay there until my belongings arrived later in the week.  The great news was that the Atlas truck that hauled SRQHoyas for me was also near and would be delivering and unloading early on Sunday morning.  The driver had contacted me earlier to ask if I would let him deliver my load then since a snow storm was supposed to arrive later on Sunday evening….I was certainly in agreement with that time frame!

I arrived at my new residence the next morning to see the Atlas Truck full of plants, benches, lights and supplies arriving right on schedule.  I was never so relieved to see a huge truck pull up to my home as I was on that frigid morning.











The precious cargo had spent less than 48 hours on the road in the climate controlled trailer so I was positive there would be a great outcome.  My dad and I placed the benches at the perfect distance around the room quickly so when the plant boxes were brought in we could unpack them quickly and orderly.  The hoyas looked the same as when when I boxed them up 4 days prior.  I was so happy and relieved and excited that the trip was a great success.  The delivering of the rest of my belongings was a totally different story which I won’t bore you with.  The snow storm that threatened, arrived with 4 inches on the ground the next morning.

Unpacking and placing the plants took mom and I about a day and a half since I insisted they be placed into alphabetical order right from the start.  The cloudy days following delivery was welcomed since it served as a time where they could become used to being in the bright light again.  The room temperature had been set at 76­°F and I misted the hoyas often.  After a week I decided to water then well and hope they were ready for the hydration and that the roots were warm enough to absorb the moisture.

DSC01617 DSC01618


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2014 SRQHoyas is OPEN for Business

It has been 47 days since the SRQHoyas and I left sunny Florida to relocate to York, Pennsylvania and I am happy to say I am finally ready to resume offering many of the hoyas that were lucky enough to make the trip.  The journey seems much longer than it actually was but all of the planning and struggling was well worth it and we are settled into our new homes.

I will be adding entries periodically to document our journey so check back often.

On February 28 the climate controlled moving truck arrived and quickly began loading the many boxes of hoyas onto the warmest area of the trailer. Although it was warm in Sarasota for the beginning of the journey we knew it would turn cold by the end of the first day of travel.  When all of the plants were safely loaded and I felt confident the guys could finish loading the rest of the supplies, benches, lights, I coaxed Nico into her plush travel crate and headed north.


Nico’s Plush Travel Crate

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