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On Hiatus…until post relocation

If you have been on the website you have noticed that there are no Hoya Cuttings available for purchase at this time.  This is correct!

I have begun prepping the plants for their journey to their new home and thought it best to cease taking ordering and shipping until we are settled in the new space.  For the time being the best thing to do is place your choices on a Wish List and when I begin offering cuttings again you will be notified via email.  Please be sure to Log In to your account and then Add to Wish List for easier use.  Being logged in to your account will allow you to manage your list, otherwise the emails will continue even after you wish they would not.

Enjoy the rest of your winter and I hope to be back up and running in mid to late March! As always I can be reached via email or telephone with any questions you might have.

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Relocation Update with Photos of Progress

It has been a long and trying few months since I decided to move back to Pennsylvania and take SRQHoyas with me.  Aside from home renovation nightmares…the weather has not been cooperating with the construction of the Sun-room addition.  There have been many many ‘Beginning of the Room’ dates that have come and gone but so far the room has no walls let alone a floor. The original completion date was December 27, 2013….at the latest January 6, 2014.

The snow and rain has caused many delays as well as the many holidays that have also come and gone.  Obviously the workers take Deer Hunting Season very serious too since that was the lost Window of Opportunity that caused the project to be on hold for many months now.  That being said…my test of patience will hopefully come to an end tomorrow, December 30, 2013 when the footer/foundation is again scheduled to be poured. Of course, I am not holding my breath but just saying a little prayer that the Hoya Gods send a little luck my way.

Thanks to my mom for the photos, daily updates, care-taking and to my dad who is diligently adding the finishing touches to the interior of the home. I’ll be there soon!!!

Here are some photos of the ever so slow progress:

November 29, 2013 Demolition of the present Sunroom

November 29, 2013

December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013


December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013


December 27, 2013

December 27, 2013





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Business as Usual

In response to emails I have received I’d like to provide some updated information on the relocation of SRQHoyas.

For the time being it is business as usual here in sunny Sarasota, Florida. I am enjoying a unusually warm and sunny winter season and the plants are settled inside under lights but have the outside breeze each day when I open up the doors and windows.  This year the majority adapted well to the move with little or no leaf drop which resulted in continued growth and moderate blooming.  I am shipping on Saturdays and the plants are arriving to even the coldest destinations in fine condition with or without the warmth of the 72 Hr. Heat Pack that I offer.

Now for the update on my move to Pennsylvania…unfortunately the construction of the Sun-room has come to a halt for the time being due to the harsh weather conditions.  The crews are ready to dig the footers and pour the cement foundation just as soon as the 5″ of snow melts from the ground that has been prepared for the room.  I believe the next obstacle to conquer is the temperature and the possibility of the ground freezing prior to having the foundation in place and cured.  I am not sure of the acceptable conditions required but I have a great crew who keeps me well informed of their progress.  So for now, I’ll wait and look forward to the day I pack up the plants and head ‘home’ with Nico, my pooch!!!

It is Business as Usual here at SRQHoyas!!!

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Cultivar Names correctly written

After reading the newest edition of The Hoya Telegraph I corrected the mistakes in the way I classified these species of hoyas.  I just want to take a minute to explain why you may not be able to locate these hoyas on my website since they are now alphabetized differently.

Since writing the cultivar name with the cv. is an old rule that was removed from international rules…I correctly use Hoya ‘Majic’ as opposed to Hoya cv. ‘Majic’.  It seems much simpler and I am glad Torill Nyhuus took the time to resolve this issue for many of us who strive to be totally accurate in labeling.

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Retired Plants at SRQHoyas

This season is the first that I chose to ‘Retire’ Hoyas from my collection.  I did this for a few reasons including space restraints, duplicate plants and popularity.  It does not mean that I don’t ever want to grow them again…just that they are being replaced with other exciting species. I almost felt like a mom choosing her favorite child.  I have saved the photos and information about each am have moved them to my RETIRED page which will remain for a great way to reference and learn about them if you happen to grow those. But please do not add them to your Wish List since I no longer can provide cuttings for you.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The turkey is in the oven and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the television. I remember this holiday as a very special time of year that is spent with family and friends. I just love when I wake up on this day and the Florida weather has turned chilly or this year downright cold….today it was 39°F here at SRQHoyas!

I awoke at 1:30am and decided to got out to the Greenhouse/Garage to check on the hoyas and note the temperature in their space.  When I opened the door and stepped out into a warmer more humid air I knew they would be comfortable throughout the rest of this cold night, without the aid of a heater.  That room is always the warmest room in my house?

As I was misting the plants I was remembering past winters when I moved the plants inside and how they adapted well or not.  The past years I set the 1000W MH ballasts on full strength for maximum light and heat output, since I thought that is what they required. But this year I have the lights set on the 75% setting for a less concentrated light source and I have realized little or no leaf dropping?  The reason for choosing less light and heat was to attempt to acclimate the hoyas to the climate of their new home inside a solarium in southern Pennsylvania.  I think I have stumbled upon the inside climate they will thrive in and grow beautiful dark green blemish-free foliage.  I also notice that there is no scarring when the not-so-intense light evaporates the water from the daily misting/humidity treatments.  That makes me very very happy!!!

The solarium will begin going up next week if the weather cooperates with pouring the footers and foundation. It seemed like it took forever to receive the approve permits from the township but it did happen without any issues.  I am continuing to fill orders throughout the winter and ship without casualties as usual.  Please check Ship Dates for the weeks I will be relocating and thus not able to fill your order.  I do not foresee more then a couple weeks of downtime from when I leave Sarasota and the time the hoyas are comfortable, hydrated and growing again in their new space! I am guessing this will take place in mid-January 2014.

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FREE Shipping on orders over $48!!!

I thought you deserved a break going into the Holiday Season.  I am offering no shipping fees on orders of Hoya Cuttings that total $48+.  Now is the time to save and get those cuttings you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. I am again adding NEW TO ME!!! species and some of the previously added are now available.  Thanks for your patronage and for following my blog.




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Changes in Hoya Leaves grown inside

Since the hoyas have been brought inside the garage/greenhouse I am noticing changes in their growing habits as well as the ‘quality’ of the new growth. By quality I am referring to the superficial beauty in color and surface ‘shine’.  While they love the humidity and natural sunlight they recieve from March thru October, the plants do not fare well cosmetically.  The leaves are usually scarred with spots and pitting although this does not effect the plants growth or blooming capabilities.  As I look at the photos posted from you who grow you plants inside and protected from nature I find myself sometime jealous that my precious plants are really not that ‘pretty’ to look at.

This is one factor that I know I will enjoy as I move the stock to growing totally protected from the havoc of nature’s creatures in the new solarium up North.  The one thing I will miss is the bugs, bees, dragonflies, lizards, frogs (not so much), flies that somehow found their way inside the lanai and garage/greenhouse to pollinate the ‘sap dripping’ flowers each night.

hoyas grown in nature

hoyas grown in nature


Hoya erythrostemma Seed pod bursts


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SRQHoyas is Relocating to Pennsylvania!!!

After a little thought and many years of residing in the sunshine state, I have decided to move back to the area where I grew up.  Luckily my business allows me to do this and with a little planning and renovation to the new home and property the hoyas should not ‘miss a beat’.  The change will be a welcomed one to me since I will no longer have the chore of moving the plants outside in the springtime and back into the Garage/Greenhouse when the temperatures threaten to fall.  Although most of the plants adjusted with little struggle, some did not handle the change well at all.  Once I have them in their new Solarium, they will acclimate and spend time there year round!!! No more change of climate and light source, they will only rely on the natural sunlight coming through the insulated glass.

I must begin by thanking Doug at Vermont Hoyas for giving my the inspiration and hope that hoyas can and do thrive in the Northeast United States.  His plants are absolutely gorgeous and bloom well year round.  I chatted with him a little bit, via email, prior to making this life changing decision and although he would offer guarantees…I felt he was giving me the ‘two thumbs up’ to the environment I was about to create and build for my collection.  If you have not visited his website you are missing out on much beauty as well as information and education.

As far as the name SRQHoyas? It will remain the same even though we will no longer be in SRQ…which are the call letters for the airport here in town.  When I decided on the name I knew it would be perfect and I knew I would never leave my little piece of paradise. I have learned to never say never.  Keep posted for time-frame of the massive move north and I am hoping to have little or no downtime for offering the cuttings.  I look forward to my new adventure and the chance to spend more time with family!!!


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Hoya megalaster Seed Pod has been spotted and wrapped to capture the seeds

Wow!!! As I busily took cuttings to fill my orders this morning I screamed “WooHoo”!!!  I was looking for the best cutting on my Hoya megalaster IML 1099 and noticed that when I handled one of the few vines…it was extremely heavy.  That is a good indicator for me to take a closer look.  I had almost taken a cuttings that would have detached the ripening seed pod.  I would have been so mad at myself if that had happened.

The pod itself measures 6 inches long and 1 inch at the thickest point.  I now have it wrapped so as to capture the ripe seeds and attempt to grow them out into plants.  I know that is a very difficult and lengthy task with little chance of success but I am willing to do my best.  When the seeds come, I plan to sow them inside under artificial lights in a controlled environment since the cooler days and nights will be here prior to any sense of maturity will be reached.  I am confident that delicate hoyas will not survive a change in environment since many of my established mature plants suffer each year from the move inside.

For now I will check on the seed pod often to be sure the everyday rains do not cause it to rot inside the netting I provided.


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