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Tropical Storm Andrea Arrives @ SRQHoyas

Just last week at this time I remember hoping and wishing for some much needed rain for my parched yard and surrounding areas.  Even though I have a sprinkler system for many areas of my garden, the bulk of the property is at nature’s mercy to keep the native vegetation alive. My wish was granted as the unexpected sporadic rains start falling Sunday afternoon as I was about to take a dip in the pool and intending to fulfill a short refresher course on swimming with my pooch Nico.  She passed her lesson, with flying colors, and the rest of the day was a washout which was a welcomed surprise for dry Sarasota.   The days since have been filled with the same wet activity and intermittent sunshine but now we are facing the ferocious rain bands from our first Tropical Storm of the season.  All week the activity was just that but late last evening I realized this situation now had a name, Andrea.

TS Andrea at SRQHoyasOver night the rains fell loudly enough on my metal roof to awaken Nico and I but only long enough for her to come over to my half of the bed and huddle close to me for safety.  Little did I know that the storm had spawned a tornado that had touched down a mere 15 miles east of me…gulp.  Since that time the area has been and still is under a Tornado Warning. If I would have turned the TV on to see the weather reports I would have moved my bed to an interior bathroom and spent the rest of the night in there.  There are very few basements or underground structures in this state so the safest spot is where all four walls are interior…a spare bathroom for me.

After having my breakfast outside with my hoyas and checking on the blooms and standing water and who is going to bloom, I am now inside for the duration of the day hoping the storm does not throw anything my way that my home cannot handle.  The plants are sort of sheltered on the lanai but a gust of wind coming from the wrong direction could throw them off the shelf.  I have been planning to further secure the plants by building a ‘fence’ around the edge of the exposed perimeter of the shelf, hoping to resemble a boxing ring perimeter. I will assemble it so that when storms threaten I will be able to attach rope to the vertical supports that will corral them in but so I can remove the rope when the skies are clear.  A trip to Home Depot was on my morning agenda but Andrea has changed those a bit.  Since Hurricane season just begun I thought I had time to properly prepare…I was wrong.

For now I will keep one eye on the skies and the other on my website as I begin to add the new hoyas that I received from overseas this spring. You will find these hoyas on the NEW TO ME!!! link on my homepage.  I found the most beautiful leaves and growth patterns I could find and had much success reviving them from their long journey.  I know you will enjoy the photos as well as want to add these to your collection.  The fastest way to do that is to add them to you Wish List and wait for the email saying they are available.  I am guessing that I will be sharing a lot of these by the end of this season!

new hoyas for sale online


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The Strange and The Odd in Hoya Species

Very often as I inspect the hoyas for new blooms, new growth or dryness, I notice these strange or just out of the ordinary ‘freaks of nature’.  I thought I would share of few of them with you!

Hoya species odd













Hoya fitchii – if you notice where the white arrows are pointing, you will see that this bloom has many flowers that consist of ‘four petals’ and not the normal five. I see this often in blooming peduncles but maybe one or two…not usually 40% of the flowers.

Hoya species odd leaves













Hoya fitchii – the same plant that bloomed the odd number of petals put out a leaf that appear to be ‘Siamese’, like Siamese twins? I thought is was attractive and I left it on the plant to see if the vine would continue to produce odd foliage. I have yet to see this repeat on the plant.

odd growth, Hoya plants













Hoya cv. Mathilde – This plant is actually grown by my mom in Pennsylvania when she noticed the plant growing out the drainage she sent me the photo. My question was…”Did I plant one of the vines upside down?” It is very possible but if yes, it goes to show you that nature has a way of correcting what we do wrong.

vines planted upside down hoya plant species odd strange













Hoya subcalva – As I was enjoying this evident Grape Scented flower I saw that this flower is a square and not five -sided. It is still as beautiful as it’s brothers and sisters but lacking a bit.  This is one of the blooming-est hoyas with one of my favorite fragrances.

hoya leaves foliage buy hoya cuttings strange odd













Hoya pallida – New growth being put out on this hoya vine is evidently rounded. If you take a look at the leaf on the right, this is an indication of the leaves on the entire plant. They are very very pointed and the veins are mostly sculpted or raised.  This end node has no points and does not even look like it belongs to this species.  I will watch to see how the rest of the vine progresses since the plant is growing at a rate of about 12 inches per day. Does the fast rate of new growth have something to do with this oddity?

blooming peduncle buds not opening













Hoya lacunosa ‘Ruby Sue’ – This photo is from a baby plant that was rooted and happily filling out the tiny pot it was growing in. It almost looks like it did not quite have enough energy to push open the other buds because it depleted it’s energy on just this single flower. On it’s second attempt…all of the flowers opened and filled the space with a nice fragrance.

large blooms rubber flowers hoya species red blooms













Hoya megalaster– You must know that this bloom is approximately 3 inches wide and absolutely gorgeous despite it’s shortcomings. It happened to be one of eight flowers on this active peduncle. It also was the only one of the bunch that actually opened up into a flat flower. Normally this species keeps it’s flowers in a wide cup shape.

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Lemom Yellow Blooms on Hoya vanuatuensis SRQ 3136

This hoya plant has been threatening to bloom throughout many bud cycles and today…it opened. The bright yellow was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a paler hue for some reason. There was no scent or sap detected but I will sniff the blooms again as the sun goes down this evening. Hoya vanuatuensis is a nice plant that takes no extra care whatsoever. The light green leaves on the scrambling vine fill out a pot without realizing the leaves are actually multiplying.  This hoya is a must for your collection if you are partial to yellow flowers as I am.

Purchase this Hoya Plant online













Hoya plants to buy online


























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Close but no Cigar – Hoya spartioides SRQ 3219

This very unique hoya came to me a few months ago as a rooted plant with 3 or four ‘stems'(?) and a slim trunk. Since I had lost one prior, due to under watering, I sat this one in a small bowl and replenished the water supply when it was dry. It did very well inside under artificial lights but nothing compared to how it has been thriving since I was able to move it outside into nature. The past couple of weeks I have patiently watched as the ends of these ‘stems’ puffed up and are now trying to push out about a dozen little orange flowers. As I continue to observe this odd plant I am wondering if the entire plant is made up of a plethora of peduncles and the stick like growth is there to solely support the flowers? Since leaves are nonexistent, how does this plant survive and take in sunshine and moisture? I guess I have my answer by how much I much water this one but there is no greenery at all? Another big question is on the propagation method. How would I begin to root an offspring to produce a new hoya plant?

Hoya plants online DSC03055 DSC03058 DSC03057 DSC03061

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Thanks for Making my $10 Spring Plant Sale a HUGE success!!!

You are probably wondering why I am thanking you when the sale continues on for the rest of the month?  You are correct but since I have had the time to write this now I thought I should do it now.  So many new and returning customers took advantage of the gorgeously large hoya plants that I had left that stock now is very limited.  Since I was only able to email my existing customers to invite to the $10 Spring Sale I will apologize to those of you who might have missed out.

If you are interested in partaking in the Plant Sale, there is still time to purchase the stock that remains! I know you will not be disappointed with these well established hoya plants.

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The Hoya elliptica everyone MUST grow – SRQ 3200

This is the absolutely easiest grower and best blooming Hoya elliptica that I grow…hands down. The first species I tried to grow was IML 1679, and although it rooted with no issues it never grew into a full plant. I was forced to take cuttings and try again and again and again and yet again about one week ago. This will be my final attempt at succeed with Hoya elliptica IML 1679. I love the shape of the leaves and that the veins resemble a turtle shell. But it just does not like me or my care or growing conditions.

Since receiving that original cutting from the Liddle Nursery in Australia, I have obtained three other species from Thailand.  They are Hoya elliptica (Clone A), (Clone B) and EPC 641. From the very beginning these great plants took off and grew like wild. Each of them bloomed in their own time and kept on growing into large but compact plants. The blooms are very similar and the foliage varies a bit depending on how it is grown, meaning inside or outside.

The species that has pulled out ahead of the others is the Hoya elliptica (Clone A) EPC 311. It is on my ‘Bloomingest’ list and there it will stay.  I water it as much or as little as I want to and it never suffers or struggles to put out the new ‘turtle-shell’ leaves and beautiful white blooms. In my opinion the leaves are a dead ringer for the must coveted IML 1679.

If you want an easy and rewarding Hoya elliptica in your collection, please consider growing this one from a cutting. You will wonder why you struggled over and over to try to succeed with IML 1679.

Hoya elliptica Clone A DSC02897 DSC02895 DSC02894 DSC02896 ellipticaclonea_4 ellipticaclonea_5

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Virtually Foolproof Method of Watering Hoya Plants

A question I am asked probably more than any other is “How often should I water my hoya plant?”  This is a question with no definitive answer since there are various conditions to consider before giving a ‘blanket’ response. Some of the conditions are to type of mix that you plant is growing in, the size pot, and the material the pot is made of. Then is the environment you are growing the plant in which includes amount of sunshine, amount of air movement and the amount of humidity surrounding your hoya plant or cutting. On top of those extensive variables is the all important one of what species are you growing and how much moisture does it actually want and expect in order to thrive.

I have come to a conclusive way to know when the plant wants or needs to be watered or even sometimes only misted. Touch the leaves, are they soft and flexible when a well hydrated leaf is firm and stiff? If you conclude ‘Yes’ to that touch…then it is most likely time to give your hoya plant a thorough and soaking gulp of water.  Of course, there will be exceptions to this rule but it seems that since I have adopted this method of watering schedule I have lost no plant due to root rot.

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Blooming Hoya fuscomarginata SRQ 3078

In addition to the beauty of this hoya’s leaves with their dark purple margins…the blooms are just as stunning. Only nature would think to put this color combination together in one flower. It has a very strong scent that I do not care for but is hard to describe. I will name the scent ‘hoya-ey’ since I have noticed quite a few with the same indescribable earthy scent. I will not know how long the blooms stay open since I have shipped the cutting with bloom to New Jersey…winner of the Ebay auction.  Enjoy the flowers Olesya!!!


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Vivid colors on my Hoya aff. waymaniae

First off I will begin by saying or asking, “How can this plant be labeled, ‘aff.’ when it is clearly a Hoya waymaniae. This plant is one of the extremely distinctive species that I grow. Until now I had not experienced the bloom live but now that I have…wow!!!

The buds appeared on the end of a peduncle that measured 3 inches a little over a week ago. As the puffed up, I decided to do what I do to all plants that are blooming for the first time, ignore it and try not to look at it for too long. When what I really want to do is examine it closely to see it’s beauty and intrigue.

The cutting came to me last spring and was as healthy as it could be and rooted quickly and grew into a strong plant by the end of the season. While under the Metal Halide bulb lights throughout the winter the foliage took on the normal reddish color and has remained. I am confident that as the summer goes on the new growth will emerge green but beautiful just the same.

The rich tangerine colored flowers have a scent but I have yet to find the words to explain it to you. if it were not raining here I would go out again and decipher the scent. I will do this later this week hoping it will still be in bloom when the rain subsides.

I grow a few different species of Hoya waymaniae and am very curious to compare the blooms side by side.

Hoya aff. waymaniae IF IF IF IF IF

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If only I was able to grow my hoyas and collect new species from around the world and spend my days caring for them and photographing them, my life would be quiet and carefree.  The problem is that nobody would have any idea of what I have to share, so I realize the necessity of the World Wide Web and my presence in it.  A few months ago I redesigned the site to showcase the photos of these beautiful plants as well as simplify the navigation within the site. From the feedback I have received from loyal and new collector’s, it has been a success!!!

Just when I think I have successfully waltzed into the 21st century with an effective and attractive way to share my hoyas, I am faced with the question, “Is it possible for my customer’s to browse and make purchases on their mobile devices.” After 2 minutes of attempting to access SRQHoyas online, I had my answer, “No.”

I discovered that I did not have many options when it came to choosing a company to accomplish this task and that my best guess was JSWeb out of the United Kingdom.  At first contact I knew I had made the right choice and despite the time difference and currency conversions I was confident that they would make this transition for me painless and effortless on my part. I can tell you that I do not know when they sleep since I was exchanging emails with them as late as 8pm EST which was 2am UK time.

The result is a fast, attractive mobile site that looks and acts very much like my Desktop site. The photos are all there and they load instantly upon clicking them. The text is large enough to read so there is no zooming in or out to read the pages. My customers have placed orders with no problems, added items to their Wish List and also contacted me with ease.  In the world of Websites and Webmasters, this is a great asset to my internet based company and I know you will appreciate the option to grab that cutting or plant from your smartphone when you are not able to get to your computer, especially when the Back in Stock Notification email has arrived and you are away from home.

Mention this blog when you place a Mobile Order and I will be happy to send you a ‘Gift’ cutting of my choice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or issues you notice while browsing the Mobile or Desktop site. It is very important to me that you enjoy and understand the website and any issues on my end be resolved the best I can.  With your help I am making the best place to buy hoya plants!!!

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