Bloom-time as an ID indicator?

Many times when I see a bloom posted on Facebook or another forum I immediately go the that particular species on my collection to see if mine too is in the midst of putting out the same bloom. My findings are that hoyas bloom simultaneously from every location around the world. Despite the living conditions such as altitude, temperature, inside or out in nature, they seem to know when they are supposed to go into bloom. Of course there are exceptions since many collector’s have yet to experience the thrill of their first hoya show but as a general rule…we cannot fool ‘Mother Nature’.

So…does this mean that bloom-time is an indicator for identifying the various species I have compiled many bloom times for all of the hoyas that have blessed me with blooms so far. The results will soon be visible on my website by going to the Bloom Calendar page. I will continue to update this throughout the year. When you have a plant in bloom…compare to my calendar and see if this theory holds true!?

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