Blooming on the 10th of January

In the dead of winter many hoyas were blooming on the 10th of January 2014 at SRQHoyas.  Although it never really seemed like winter in Florida, more like spring and fall combined, the days were brief and the hoya reacted to that.

Hoya tjad is a hoya that you will love and grow for the sculpted leaves and compact growth.  The flowers are small but very nice and often.  Of course, the Hoya pubicalyx clan had one blooming on this day and most days throughout the year.  Hoya pubicalyx ‘Red Buttons’  is an early bloomer and loves to carry the red onto the new growth as well as the flowers.  The tiniest flowers of the day were Hoya panchoi IML 0249 which is one of the two I grow.  This one blooms much easier and grows without issues as opposed to IML 0228.  I would love to hear from another grower regarding their experiences with this Hoya panchoi duo.  The most fragrant on January 10 was Hoya naumannii IML 0198 which shared its pungent jasmine scent throughout the next week!  If you enjoy a variegated leaf Hoya incrassata ‘Moonshadow’ fits the bill although I am still a bit leery of the stability of the awesome colored leaves.

I have been collecting and recording information daily on which hoyas are in bloom for quite some time now and would like to compare facts about when each species is in bloom. Are the same hoyas in bloom all over the world at the same time? Go to my Bloom Calendar to see which hoyas were in bloom on a specific date at SRQHoyas.  Your comments may help me draw conclusions as to what triggers a hoya to bloom and what factors may contribute to when they bloom.  To date I have not been able to suggest with confidence as to how to make a hoya plant bloom. Is it related to fertilizer?…light intensity?…temperature?…maturity?…humidity?…air movement?…geographic location?  If you have any information, opinions, concerns or comments on anything you are learning about the ‘Bloom Times’ of hoyas…please feel free to add a comment to this blog, email me through the website or post on Facebook!

Blooming on the 10th

Hoya tjadasmalangensis IML 1181


Blooming on the 10th

Hoya pubicalyx ‘Red Buttons’ IML 0268

Blooming on the 10th

Hoya naumannii IML 0198

Blooming on the 10th

Hoya incrassata ‘Moonshadow’ SRQ 3024

Blooming on the 10th

Hoya panchoi IML 0249

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