Hoochie & ‘Red Buttons’ Bloom 12/22/13

These hoyas were blooming at SRQHoyas on this day one year ago. Hoya pubicalyx ‘Red Buttons’ is just one of many clones of this species.  All Hoya pubicalyx clones are avid growers and when they put out a long vine…they usually begin to bloom in it.  The scent is noticeable and I would describe it as floral.  The Hoya heuschkeliana ssp. heuschkeliana (Hoochie) IML 0904 is a small button-leafed plant that like to fill out a hanging basket.  The blooms are a distinct buttery popcorn fragrance and it literally fills a space.  Both of these are easy to grow and easy to bring into flower. To read more and see more photos of these great hoyas click on the photo!

I have been collecting and recording information daily on which hoyas are in bloom for quite some time now and would like to compare facts about when each species is in bloom. Are the same hoyas in bloom all over the world at the same time? Go to my Bloom Calendar to see which hoyas were in bloom on a specific date at SRQHoyas.  Your comments may help me draw conclusions as to what triggers a hoya to bloom and what factors may contribute to when they bloom.  To date I have not been able to suggest with confidence as to how to make a hoya plant bloom. Is it related to fertilizer?…light intensity?…temperature?…maturity?…humidity?…air movement?…geographic location?  If you have any information, opinions, concerns or comments on anything you are learning about the ‘Bloom Times’ of hoyas…please feel free to add a comment to this blog, email me through the website or post on Facebook!

Hoya pubicalyx 'Red Buttons'  IML 0268

Hoya pubicalyx ‘Red Buttons’ IML 0268

Hoya heuschkeliana blooming @ SRQHoyas

Hoya heuschkeliana blooming @ SRQHoyas

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