Bloomingest Hoyas I grow

This is a list of hoyas that blooming over and over on one or multiple peduncles throughout the year. Many are plants that since they continue to bloom and spend their energy in that way…they grow very little. Of course not all hoyas that bloom often grow slow but this is the case with about 50%. Don’t get me wrong…I love to find a bloom and enjoy the fragrance that fills the air but sometimes I do wish these plants would stop blooming and put out new growth so that I am able to share with you!

Hoya benitotanii РHoya buotii РHoya cv. Rebecca РHoya davidcummingii РHoya DS-70 РHoya elliptica РHoya heuschkeliana РHoya lacunosa РHoya  NOT macgregorii РHoya megalaster РHoya naumannii РHoya myrmecopa РHoya memorii РHoya pachyclada РHoya celata РHoya sigillatis РHoya subcalva РHoya sp. Kalamantin РHoya verticillata РHoya verticillata albomarginate РHoya wibergiae


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