Business as Usual

In response to emails I have received I’d like to provide some updated information on the relocation of SRQHoyas.

For the time being it is business as usual here in sunny Sarasota, Florida. I am enjoying a unusually warm and sunny winter season and the plants are settled inside under lights but have the outside breeze each day when I open up the doors and windows.  This year the majority adapted well to the move with little or no leaf drop which resulted in continued growth and moderate blooming.  I am shipping on Saturdays and the plants are arriving to even the coldest destinations in fine condition with or without the warmth of the 72 Hr. Heat Pack that I offer.

Now for the update on my move to Pennsylvania…unfortunately the construction of the Sun-room has come to a halt for the time being due to the harsh weather conditions.  The crews are ready to dig the footers and pour the cement foundation just as soon as the 5″ of snow melts from the ground that has been prepared for the room.  I believe the next obstacle to conquer is the temperature and the possibility of the ground freezing prior to having the foundation in place and cured.  I am not sure of the acceptable conditions required but I have a great crew who keeps me well informed of their progress.  So for now, I’ll wait and look forward to the day I pack up the plants and head ‘home’ with Nico, my pooch!!!

It is Business as Usual here at SRQHoyas!!!

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