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FedEx is Delivering SRQHoyas to you

Effective immediately, FedEx will now deliver your hoyas to you via FedEx Express Saver One Rate service.  After many years of success with using the economical service of USPS Priority Mail, I have been forced to change my ways.  A week of unreliable service and untimely deliveries is all it took for me to take a serious look at the other options out there.  Although there are few choices that are both reliable and affordable I went for the only choice I thought was reliable and sort of affordable…just not economical.  If you follow the pricing link above, you will notice that even with my increase in Flat Rate Shipping charge I will still be absorbing quite a bit of the charges which I am happy to do for you!

FedEx offers the One Rate Plan which is good in many ways that make a difference to me and SRQHoyas as a whole. The first being the guarantee of a 1-3 day delivery or a full refund of shipping charges.  Although I have not actually requested a Guarantee Refund yet, which is a good thing, I feel confident that they do honor their guarantee.  Second perk is that they offer shipping boxes that are very clean, sturdy and versatile which assists in keeping my costs down and saves me time of searching for suitable boxes.  Third reason is the integration to my working website which will provide ease in processing your order and tracking it if the need arises.  Finally, although the rates are not economical I think they are fair and doable for the service they promise to provide.

Having said all of this…another big change is that I now ship packages on Monday and Tuesday, when needed, as opposed to the usual Saturday.  You should now have your PLANT orders to me by Saturday morning so I have time to pull them and have them dry enough to pack and ship on Monday morning.  CUTTINGS orders are a bit more flexible since they have less of a process to be shipped to you well hydrated.  The only other glitch will affect those of you who use a Post Office Box for your address.  This of course will not possible from now on since the USPS will not accept a FedEx package.  Please take a moment to adjust your address in your ACCOUNT on my website to prevent your orders from being held up while I email you for the corrected information.  If you need help in accomplishing this please feel free to email me the information and I will update your shipping address for you.

Enough talk about business…Happy growing and I hope you have a plentiful Hoya Growing Season after this very chilly winter season!!!

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Shipping Dates

Summer is here in the NorthEast and it is absolutely beautiful and comfortable and the hoyas are loving having the outside come in thru the open windows. I wanted to let you know that I will not be shipping orders on July 12. All orders received and paid for after July 3 will be shipped out on July 19. Thanks so much for all your support and feedback thru this transitional season at SRQHoyas!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The turkey is in the oven and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the television. I remember this holiday as a very special time of year that is spent with family and friends. I just love when I wake up on this day and the Florida weather has turned chilly or this year downright cold….today it was 39°F here at SRQHoyas!

I awoke at 1:30am and decided to got out to the Greenhouse/Garage to check on the hoyas and note the temperature in their space.  When I opened the door and stepped out into a warmer more humid air I knew they would be comfortable throughout the rest of this cold night, without the aid of a heater.  That room is always the warmest room in my house?

As I was misting the plants I was remembering past winters when I moved the plants inside and how they adapted well or not.  The past years I set the 1000W MH ballasts on full strength for maximum light and heat output, since I thought that is what they required. But this year I have the lights set on the 75% setting for a less concentrated light source and I have realized little or no leaf dropping?  The reason for choosing less light and heat was to attempt to acclimate the hoyas to the climate of their new home inside a solarium in southern Pennsylvania.  I think I have stumbled upon the inside climate they will thrive in and grow beautiful dark green blemish-free foliage.  I also notice that there is no scarring when the not-so-intense light evaporates the water from the daily misting/humidity treatments.  That makes me very very happy!!!

The solarium will begin going up next week if the weather cooperates with pouring the footers and foundation. It seemed like it took forever to receive the approve permits from the township but it did happen without any issues.  I am continuing to fill orders throughout the winter and ship without casualties as usual.  Please check Ship Dates for the weeks I will be relocating and thus not able to fill your order.  I do not foresee more then a couple weeks of downtime from when I leave Sarasota and the time the hoyas are comfortable, hydrated and growing again in their new space! I am guessing this will take place in mid-January 2014.

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SRQHoyas is Relocating to Pennsylvania!!!

After a little thought and many years of residing in the sunshine state, I have decided to move back to the area where I grew up.  Luckily my business allows me to do this and with a little planning and renovation to the new home and property the hoyas should not ‘miss a beat’.  The change will be a welcomed one to me since I will no longer have the chore of moving the plants outside in the springtime and back into the Garage/Greenhouse when the temperatures threaten to fall.  Although most of the plants adjusted with little struggle, some did not handle the change well at all.  Once I have them in their new Solarium, they will acclimate and spend time there year round!!! No more change of climate and light source, they will only rely on the natural sunlight coming through the insulated glass.

I must begin by thanking Doug at Vermont Hoyas for giving my the inspiration and hope that hoyas can and do thrive in the Northeast United States.  His plants are absolutely gorgeous and bloom well year round.  I chatted with him a little bit, via email, prior to making this life changing decision and although he would offer guarantees…I felt he was giving me the ‘two thumbs up’ to the environment I was about to create and build for my collection.  If you have not visited his website you are missing out on much beauty as well as information and education.

As far as the name SRQHoyas? It will remain the same even though we will no longer be in SRQ…which are the call letters for the airport here in town.  When I decided on the name I knew it would be perfect and I knew I would never leave my little piece of paradise. I have learned to never say never.  Keep posted for time-frame of the massive move north and I am hoping to have little or no downtime for offering the cuttings.  I look forward to my new adventure and the chance to spend more time with family!!!


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FLAT RATE SHIPPING has been lowered to $6 per order!!! Domestic Orders only.

I have been anticipating this drop in price for awhile now and today I decide…”It’s time to do it”.  Since most of my orders are now cuttings as opposed to plants I think it only fair to pass along the savings to my loyal US customers as well as my new US customers.  I do regret that I am unable to lower the cost of shipping to my International customers. The price is literally the lowest I can charge for Express Mail Service thru the USPS.  As before, I do not focus on benefiting from shipping costs, NEVER have and NEVER will.

I hope this saving makes it more attractive to purchase that hoya cutting that you have been longing to grow that was just not in the budget.  As before, this FLAT RATE does not include supplies and you should expect and invoice for the remaining postage when I have actually purchased postage just prior to shipping.

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No Shipping on March 2

I have decided to not ship any plants or cutting out this week due to the very cold temperatures predicted for this weekend. As a rule I ship TO a cold destination but think it best to not ship FROM a cold location.

All orders received this week will go out on March 9, 2013.

Thanks for your patience!!

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