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A ‘fraternal’ twin for Hoya camphorifolia?

These blooms are very similar to another hoya that I have grown for many years, Hoya camphorifolia.  The foliage is semi-similar but very beautiful. This plant is in bloom simultaneously with the mentioned. I do not think they are the same species but only a trained eye would be able to answer that question for sure. This is Hoya sp. MPR02.



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Hoya dimorpha I once thought I lost for good

This hoya is a very strong grower that I had for about 24 months before it all of the sudden took a turn for the worse.  Don’t be alarmed if one of your hoyas seemingly is doing great one day and the next it looks like it is on it’s last leg. Just take as many cuttings as the plant will provide, fill up a small pot with fresh new mix and tuck the cuttings in. Water well until you see roots and do not forget to transfer the tag with the name of the hoya.  Even if the leaves look sadly dehydrated or shriveled…as soon as they establish roots, the leaves will return to their plump state and the plant will begin to put out new growth.  If the original plant had peduncles, be careful to preserve those and they too will usually continue on as before.

soft yellow flowers Hoya IF


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Another ‘open bloom’ but this one is post-relflex – Hoya IML 1168

This must be my lucky week for spotting the Hoyas in open bloom. This color combination is stunning at any stage of bloom.

Hoya sp. Kalamantin bloom, post reflex bloom IF

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I love the pre-reflexed flowers of Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island

Once and awhile I am lucky enough to spot a bloom just after the flowers have had the chance to pop open.  Most often I notice them as they are about to close and fade away.  Or of course, they spend most of their time in the re flexed mode as shown here in the final photos. I would classify them as, re flexed is beautiful and open is more beautiful. This particular hoya smells wonderfully strong also and blooms for almost a week.

IML 1508, reflexed and openhoya flowers, fragrant bloomsIFIF

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Lemom Yellow Blooms on Hoya vanuatuensis SRQ 3136

This hoya plant has been threatening to bloom throughout many bud cycles and today…it opened. The bright yellow was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting a paler hue for some reason. There was no scent or sap detected but I will sniff the blooms again as the sun goes down this evening. Hoya vanuatuensis is a nice plant that takes no extra care whatsoever. The light green leaves on the scrambling vine fill out a pot without realizing the leaves are actually multiplying.  This hoya is a must for your collection if you are partial to yellow flowers as I am.

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Blooming Hoya fuscomarginata SRQ 3078

In addition to the beauty of this hoya’s leaves with their dark purple margins…the blooms are just as stunning. Only nature would think to put this color combination together in one flower. It has a very strong scent that I do not care for but is hard to describe. I will name the scent ‘hoya-ey’ since I have noticed quite a few with the same indescribable earthy scent. I will not know how long the blooms stay open since I have shipped the cutting with bloom to New Jersey…winner of the Ebay auction.  Enjoy the flowers Olesya!!!


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Vivid colors on my Hoya aff. waymaniae

First off I will begin by saying or asking, “How can this plant be labeled, ‘aff.’ when it is clearly a Hoya waymaniae. This plant is one of the extremely distinctive species that I grow. Until now I had not experienced the bloom live but now that I have…wow!!!

The buds appeared on the end of a peduncle that measured 3 inches a little over a week ago. As the puffed up, I decided to do what I do to all plants that are blooming for the first time, ignore it and try not to look at it for too long. When what I really want to do is examine it closely to see it’s beauty and intrigue.

The cutting came to me last spring and was as healthy as it could be and rooted quickly and grew into a strong plant by the end of the season. While under the Metal Halide bulb lights throughout the winter the foliage took on the normal reddish color and has remained. I am confident that as the summer goes on the new growth will emerge green but beautiful just the same.

The rich tangerine colored flowers have a scent but I have yet to find the words to explain it to you. if it were not raining here I would go out again and decipher the scent. I will do this later this week hoping it will still be in bloom when the rain subsides.

I grow a few different species of Hoya waymaniae and am very curious to compare the blooms side by side.

Hoya aff. waymaniae IF IF IF IF IF

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Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island is blooming on many peduncles

This hoya is both fun and glamorous at the same time. The many-freckled leaves make it attractive day after day and the super fragrant blooms add to the fun many times over. I have grown this one inside under artificial lighting as well as outside under Florida sunshine and humidity and it has yet to miss a beat.

Today the sweet fragrance of lilacs fills my lanai and I notice this plant may be the culprit. Although only 2 of the umbrels are fully open there are many yet to come. I look forward to a week or more of enjoying and admiring this great hoya!

Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island spKoChang1508_8 spKoChang1508_4 spKoChang1508_5 spKoChang1508_6 spKoChang1508_3

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Hoya Blooms in Green as well as Yellow – Hoya sp. Fidjii

I have been growing this hoya for a few years now after acquiring a tiny cutting from overseas. When it arrived the leaves were curled and the stem was limp but viable. After a week in my ICU area…it rooted and took off growing nicely. The only thing is that no matter how much I tried to change it’s conditions or nutrients, the leaves never uncurled. So I have learned and accepted the fact that this is they way they are supposed to be. Please do not over-water because you might think that is the reason…it is not! This time the blooms were a lime green, although the photo do a terrible job depicting this shade of green.Hoya sp. Fidjii IF IF IF

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Hoya montana IML 1016

This is one of my first blooming hoyas so of course it brings a smile to my face each time it blooms. Also holds the name of my oldest niece! This tough hoya is easy to grow and even endures low temperatures as it has lived outside all winter long and has not missed a beat. The soft yellow blooms are buttery scented and last for about 2 weeks. This species is a must have for everyone’s collection!

Hoya montana IML 1016 Hoya montana IML 1016 Hoya montana IML 1016

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