Change in Hoya Name but not SRQ Number

As you know, many hoyas are mislabeled and misnamed and and I have found out one such hoya has lingered inmy collection for some time now but now I am updating the identification.  I have decided to promote this change from careful examination of the flowers and leaves and from recommendations from a few good friends.

Hoya siamica SRQ 3143 is believed to be Hoya stoneana and I have made this change today. If you obtained this hoya from SRQHoyas at any point and time…please update the tag and your records.  I will attempt to contact those who I can identify as growing this great plant.  For more photos of the blooms go to Vermont Hoyas where Doug explains this observation as well as shares excellent photos.  I have yet to see the flowers live and my photo is from another collector who allowed me to share his photos.

Thanks so much for you cooperation in keeping these great plants with the correct name!

Hoya stoneana SRQ 3143

Hoya stoneana SRQ 3143

Change in Hoya name

Hoya stoneana SRQ 3143


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