Changes in Hoya Leaves grown inside

Since the hoyas have been brought inside the garage/greenhouse I am noticing changes in their growing habits as well as the ‘quality’ of the new growth. By quality I am referring to the superficial beauty in color and surface ‘shine’.  While they love the humidity and natural sunlight they recieve from March thru October, the plants do not fare well cosmetically.  The leaves are usually scarred with spots and pitting although this does not effect the plants growth or blooming capabilities.  As I look at the photos posted from you who grow you plants inside and protected from nature I find myself sometime jealous that my precious plants are really not that ‘pretty’ to look at.

This is one factor that I know I will enjoy as I move the stock to growing totally protected from the havoc of nature’s creatures in the new solarium up North.  The one thing I will miss is the bugs, bees, dragonflies, lizards, frogs (not so much), flies that somehow found their way inside the lanai and garage/greenhouse to pollinate the ‘sap dripping’ flowers each night.

hoyas grown in nature

hoyas grown in nature


Hoya erythrostemma Seed pod bursts


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