Charlie…Rest in Peace 2014-2015

Yesterday was a very sad day here at the SRQHoyas sunroom.  My beloved ‘Mascot’ Charlie passed away from wounds he sustained from a dog attack.  He was very helpful in keeping the insects at bay and controlling anything that moved out in the room full of hoyas.  Also, having him living amongst the plants made me diligent about misting which doubled as providing him water to drink.

His downfall was that he liked to travel around the room to different benches full of plants and also onto the hanging hoyas.  He could actually be seen jumping about 3 feet from the hanging plants to the main benches.  I never saw how he descended from the main benches to visit the benches that house my ‘Plants for Sharing’ benches but I noticed him on that side of the room often.

So sad that this had to happen when there were many times I noticed him down below prior to Nico spotting him. I then had time to separate the two animals so they could no longer interact.  Unfortunately, yesterday while I was preparing my lunch, I heard a scuffle that I am very familiar with and ran to see what was going on.  This time is was too late and he was badly injured and bleeding.  Nico sat and watched as I scooped him up with a dust pan.  She knew she had played too rough and that he was not going to recover.

On Nico’s defense, living in Florida for most of her life, these lizards are just a part of walking outside.  These little guys scurry around the sidewalks, driveways and pool decks constantly like it is no big deal.  She used to make a game out of chasing them and sliding around.  Rarely did she succeed since they had places to hide and were a lot more ‘street smart’ than Charlie was.  He lived a life of captivity prior to coming to join us at SRQHoyas.  While he was here, I suppose he was still captive but had a huge lush space to roam around in with a measure of safety.

I am contemplating getting another to let live in the room and do the job he is put here to do…What do you think?

Charlie the Anole 2014-2015

Charlie the Anole 2014-2015

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