Close but no Cigar – Hoya spartioides SRQ 3219

This very unique hoya came to me a few months ago as a rooted plant with 3 or four ‘stems'(?) and a slim trunk. Since I had lost one prior, due to under watering, I sat this one in a small bowl and replenished the water supply when it was dry. It did very well inside under artificial lights but nothing compared to how it has been thriving since I was able to move it outside into nature. The past couple of weeks I have patiently watched as the ends of these ‘stems’ puffed up and are now trying to push out about a dozen little orange flowers. As I continue to observe this odd plant I am wondering if the entire plant is made up of a plethora of peduncles and the stick like growth is there to solely support the flowers? Since leaves are nonexistent, how does this plant survive and take in sunshine and moisture? I guess I have my answer by how much I much water this one but there is no greenery at all? Another big question is on the propagation method. How would I begin to root an offspring to produce a new hoya plant?

Hoya plants online DSC03055 DSC03058 DSC03057 DSC03061

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