FedEx is Delivering SRQHoyas to you

Effective immediately, FedEx will now deliver your hoyas to you via FedEx Express Saver One Rate service.  After many years of success with using the economical service of USPS Priority Mail, I have been forced to change my ways.  A week of unreliable service and untimely deliveries is all it took for me to take a serious look at the other options out there.  Although there are few choices that are both reliable and affordable I went for the only choice I thought was reliable and sort of affordable…just not economical.  If you follow the pricing link above, you will notice that even with my increase in Flat Rate Shipping charge I will still be absorbing quite a bit of the charges which I am happy to do for you!

FedEx offers the One Rate Plan which is good in many ways that make a difference to me and SRQHoyas as a whole. The first being the guarantee of a 1-3 day delivery or a full refund of shipping charges.  Although I have not actually requested a Guarantee Refund yet, which is a good thing, I feel confident that they do honor their guarantee.  Second perk is that they offer shipping boxes that are very clean, sturdy and versatile which assists in keeping my costs down and saves me time of searching for suitable boxes.  Third reason is the integration to my working website which will provide ease in processing your order and tracking it if the need arises.  Finally, although the rates are not economical I think they are fair and doable for the service they promise to provide.

Having said all of this…another big change is that I now ship packages on Monday and Tuesday, when needed, as opposed to the usual Saturday.  You should now have your PLANT orders to me by Saturday morning so I have time to pull them and have them dry enough to pack and ship on Monday morning.  CUTTINGS orders are a bit more flexible since they have less of a process to be shipped to you well hydrated.  The only other glitch will affect those of you who use a Post Office Box for your address.  This of course will not possible from now on since the USPS will not accept a FedEx package.  Please take a moment to adjust your address in your ACCOUNT on my website to prevent your orders from being held up while I email you for the corrected information.  If you need help in accomplishing this please feel free to email me the information and I will update your shipping address for you.

Enough talk about business…Happy growing and I hope you have a plentiful Hoya Growing Season after this very chilly winter season!!!

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