Felt the Need to Watermark SRQHoya Photos

After really taking the time to delve into the many photos that have been lifted off my website, I felt the need to watermark SRQHoya photos.  I feel a mixture of feelings from ‘It’s a compliment’ to ‘How dare they profit from my hard work’.  There is really no action to take than to email the responsible person, which usually ends up being ignored or misunderstood due to the language barrier.  I am sure they understand the laws of plagiarism and also know it is literally impossible for me to impose consequences across the many miles of web addresses.

The task was not as difficult as I thought it would be since finding Watermark WS, a great tool out of Canada.  Setting this up with my logo and copyright was done using my Corel Draw graphics program and as simple as creating a JPEG of the artwork I intended to add to each and every photo from now on.  Using the tools of Watermark WS I uploaded the SRQHoyas logo and such, positioned it, sized it and chose the opacity to be used.  My goal is to attract attention but not distract from the beauty of the hoyas.  I feel like I have achieved this and welcome any feedback positive or otherwise.  Although I have fought and postponed this for many years I now felt the need to watermark the SRQHoya photos.

Need to Watermark SRQHoya Photos

Nico with Watermark

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