First Time Bloomer is Lime Scented

Hoya deykeae ‘Splash’ has been pushing out an abundance of growth for the past year and now I also have the honor of enjoying the lime scented flowers.  The foliage displays heart shaped greenery with very prominent splashes of grey.  The is a must have even if the plant never would bloom for you but this one is an early bloomer with many rewards.  The ball of blooms is a tad smaller than a golf ball and so very perfectly round.  I also grow the Hoya deykeae which is a pretty plant too.  I am not positive they are different species but I can say that they bloom at different times of the year….the latter blooming in May.

Hoya deykeae 'Splash' has a Lime Scent

Hoya deykeae ‘Splash’ has a Lime Scent

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