Focus on Hoya obscura IML 1003

I grow three Hoya obscura-s and although they are all very similar, Hoya obscura IML 1003 seems to be the smallest of the three.  The leaves are a nice oval shape with evident veins running through them.  The growth pattern is mostly short nodes on long vines.  On the end of those long leaf-filled vines are the fuzzy scented blooms.

This hoya is happiest when grown in hanging basket with drainage.  Although Hoya obscura likes ample amounts of moisture, be sure to allow it to almost dry out before a good soaking.  As a rule, I water this one once a week, and since the foliage covers the top of the pot where the mix is exposed, the moisture seems to be retained just enough to make it happy.  If the leaves get dry and brown of the edges, provide more moisture which may be in the form of misting.

During the spring months of the year I usually notice the foliage beginning to take on a yellow color.  At that time I begin to fertilize with an organic fertilizer with low numbers, ie. 5-2-5.  Sometimes that does not do the trick, then I mix a bit of Epsom salts into the water and drench the mix for a couple of weeks.  This hoya seems to be one of my heavy feeders.

The sweet fussy blooms are scented of baby powder which can be strong enough to fill a small space in the late evening.  I enjoy growing Hoya obscura for it’s beauty in and out of bloom and find the foliage to be attractive as well.  If you enjoy watering your plants…this may be a good one for you to add to your collection.

Hoya obscura IML 1003

Baby Powder Scented Flowers


Closely spaced Leaves Makes an Attractive Hanging Pot

Hoya obscura IML 1003

A Few Cuttings Grows to this in about one Year

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