Grow Lights Heat up a Space

As I read product details for most grow lights I notice that the fact of providing heat seems to be a negative aspect.  To date, the heat that my many lights give off is a great asset since the temperatures outside have been the coldest of the century on certain nights.  This may change as the outdoor temperatures heat up for the summer months but for now I really appreciate the double duty the lights are accomplishing.  Literally no heat is needed from my heat pumps for the hours that the lights are running which is 7am until 9pm.  Actually most days the heat will kick in to assist until about 8am if it is extremely cold over night but after then they lights are the source of the heat in the sun-room.  The maximum temperature I experienced is 85°F which happened when I was gone for the day and the door to the rest of the home was closed.  The heat built up quickly which makes me a little concerned about what will happen when the temperatures outside are 85°F and the door is closed due to the air conditioning needed inside my home.

No worries though…I will have the windows open and the ceiling fans running.  If it happens to be just stifling…I will turn on the air conditioning in the sun-room to make it bearable to work in the space.  I have not doubt the hoyas will love the climate but my concern is for me.  I am grateful for the necessary light and heat the lights have provided during this very cold few months here in Pennsylvania.



Interesting to notice the change in humidity?


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