Growing Hoyas from Seed Can Be Frustrating

No matter how many times I see hoya seeds that have recently exploded from a seed pod I get excited and hopeful to grow them out. This time is a little different since Hoya papaschonii has had multiple seed pods develop but all but this one fell off prior to ripening. I did pass by this hoya yesterday and noticed that the pod had turned yellow and immediately assumed the pod was about to abort as the prior seed pods had done.  As I was manicuring other hoyas in the area this day, I now saw a number of fuzzy beings and know what had happened.  I carefully moved the pot to my potting bench so I would not forget to make small pots, label them and tuck the many seeds into the mix. As always, now I hope for the best and hope the seeds germinate and mature.  The majority of my experiences have not ended well but if you are like me…I must grow!  There is a lot of trial and error growing hoyas from seed.  The only success story to date is a couple of seedlings from Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428. The seeds ripened in 2012 and as you see the plant is healthy and happy and looks very much like its mother.

As you can see from the photos below, the seedlings of Hoya erythrostemma very much resemble the mother plant so it is quite possible this hoya was self pollinated. The only way to be sure is to have the blooming plant in isolation while in bloom or actually perform the pollination yourself.  Manual pollination is a very difficult process and one I know little about. One last note…If you decide to trade or sell from a Seedling…please be sure it is properly labeled as such!!!

Hoya papaschonii Seed Pod

Hoya papaschonii Seed Pod


Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 - Seedlings from 2012

Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 – Growing Hoyas from Seeds 2012

Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 - Mother Plant

Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 – Mother Plant

Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 Blooms

Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 Blooms

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