Growth on Old Wood Vines is Quite Odd

My past week has been spent rearranging the hoya plants in attempt to position them all under lights and in alphabetical order. Many have been happily growing under the warmth and sunlight of T5 fluorescent fixtures but some were still relying on the natural sunshine from the windows of my sun-room.  As I moved them I was making mental notes as to which plants’ growth has been stagnant or even halted since the relocation.  These are hoyas that I would soon take cuttings and start a new, lush ‘Mother Plant.’  I do this regularly throughout the year but this year has been quite different in that the majority have shown sluggish growth habits so I knew this year the task would be very very laborious.

I was pleasantly surprised when in handling the hoyas I noticed that many were showing new vines as well as leaves sprouting from very old woody stems.  This occurrence seems very unexpected and odd to me since in my years of growing I’ve not seen old leggy plants begin to again ‘fill out’.  I know that many plants do this and it is why I pinch back and hard prune other vines and bushes that I used to grow in the landscape but never the hoya plants? I have documented with photos to share and hope that in a month from now I’ll be able to report back that this odd growth spurt has continued and the plants that were struggling are now green and viable. It will certainly make my chore of restarting ‘Mother Plants’ very brief this season.

2014-11-19 18.29.55 2014-11-19 18.28.52 2014-11-19 18.26.09 2014-11-19 18.25.43 2014-11-19 18.25.15 2014-11-19 18.24.32 2014-11-19 18.24.20 2014-11-19 18.24.11 2014-11-19 18.23.05 2014-11-19 18.22.25 2014-11-19 18.21.04 2014-11-19 18.19.47


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