Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The turkey is in the oven and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the television. I remember this holiday as a very special time of year that is spent with family and friends. I just love when I wake up on this day and the Florida weather has turned chilly or this year downright cold….today it was 39°F here at SRQHoyas!

I awoke at 1:30am and decided to got out to the Greenhouse/Garage to check on the hoyas and note the temperature in their space.  When I opened the door and stepped out into a warmer more humid air I knew they would be comfortable throughout the rest of this cold night, without the aid of a heater.  That room is always the warmest room in my house?

As I was misting the plants I was remembering past winters when I moved the plants inside and how they adapted well or not.  The past years I set the 1000W MH ballasts on full strength for maximum light and heat output, since I thought that is what they required. But this year I have the lights set on the 75% setting for a less concentrated light source and I have realized little or no leaf dropping?  The reason for choosing less light and heat was to attempt to acclimate the hoyas to the climate of their new home inside a solarium in southern Pennsylvania.  I think I have stumbled upon the inside climate they will thrive in and grow beautiful dark green blemish-free foliage.  I also notice that there is no scarring when the not-so-intense light evaporates the water from the daily misting/humidity treatments.  That makes me very very happy!!!

The solarium will begin going up next week if the weather cooperates with pouring the footers and foundation. It seemed like it took forever to receive the approve permits from the township but it did happen without any issues.  I am continuing to fill orders throughout the winter and ship without casualties as usual.  Please check Ship Dates for the weeks I will be relocating and thus not able to fill your order.  I do not foresee more then a couple weeks of downtime from when I leave Sarasota and the time the hoyas are comfortable, hydrated and growing again in their new space! I am guessing this will take place in mid-January 2014.

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