Heavy Feeding Hoyas

I have noticed again that some of my plants are losing the green in their leaves and turning a yellow in an almost ‘variegated manner’. I’ve never documented this but just feed those plants an extra strong dose or added Osmocote to their mix. This time I have photographed the many disturbing leaves and set the plant aside to monitor the changes. I am interested to see how quickly or slowly they leaves turn back into healthy looking growth. This condition is not to be confused with the yellowing of leaves that results from over or under watering which usually results in leaf shed. This condition appears to be definitely a lack of nitrogen since the leaves stay firm and intact and end up blending back in with the rest of the plant. I have started a list on my GUIDELINES page on my website of the species that seem to need more ‘nutrition’.  Check back to see the results after the feeding has had a chance to replenish what is lacking in these hoyas.


Hoya minihassae IML 1863


Hoya litoralis IML 0930


Hoya subcalva IML 0229


Hoya sp. MPR02 IML 1866


Hoya siariae SRQ 3060


Hoya obscura IML IML 0234

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