Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ Roots without Issues

What is not to love about Hoya australis ‘Lisa’, she is beautiful when not in bloom and this hoya roots easily, quickly and with no signs of stress.  I have been growing this hoya for many years and she is so popular among hoya collectors that I have yet to watch her flowers grow from any of my plants.  Back in the fall I decided to start another plant that I would not take cuttings from in order to see the flowers and experience their sweet perfume.  This plant is growing beautifully as I would expect nothing less out of Hoya australis ‘Lisa’.

The compact growth of this hoya sometimes frustrates collectors who choose to root on their own.  The best way is to cut back some of the leaves and expose more of the stem.  I know that it is a tough thing to do but it is more advantageous to do that than let the leaves get buried in the mixx and end up rotting.  This rot in turn may spread to the stem and hinder the rooting process. So, if you find yourself in this predicament with this or any other hoya, the best thing to do is remove leaves to expose the healthy node and touch this just below the surface of the mixx.  In contrast to many other hoyas that root best in a moist to wet mixx, Hoya ‘Lisa’ prefers to be on the dry side and with more humidity than water touching her stem.  I mist these cuttings twice a day and add Humic Acid in the spray bottle to help in root development.

These are actual cuttings that will root and begin to grow here at SRQHoyas.  If you are interested in obtaining one of these beauties be sure to Add to your Wish List to be notified the minute they are added to inventory and available to purchase.

Hoyas are Rooting

Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ babies that are Rooting


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