Hoya Buds Appealing to Charlie the Anole

What would make these hoya buds appealing to Charlie the Anole?  The closed buds were not wet with water or yet open when they might have had nectar to offer. The photo below was taken a split second after I noticed Charlie’s nose stretching upwards to the buds on my Hoya pachyclada IML 0529.

This sweet little creature was added to my sun-room full of hoyas to  feast on anything he could find living in there, described by some as ‘Living Pesticide’.  He has done a really great job since absolutely no pests have been spotted on any of the plants to date and he looks well nourished.  I had hoped to run the sun-room/greenhouse without pesticides and with organics fertilizers and rain water and so far I have achieved great success within these guidelines.  I will continue to monitor his surroundings and antics as I mist to provide the much needed humidity to the hoyas.  I have also placed about half a dozen metal water bowls around the plant benches to serve as pseudo ponds when all other puddles have been dried but the heat and lights that are required for the hoyas to thrive indoors.

I have not seen Charlie’s buddy Freddie in sometime and although I do not want to conclude the worst…I think that he may no longer reside in my jungle of hoyas.  This is a very sad thing and I may never know for sure.

Charlie the Anole Interested in Hoya Buds

Charlie the Anole Interested in Hoya Buds

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