Hoya dimorpha I once thought I lost for good

This hoya is a very strong grower that I had for about 24 months before it all of the sudden took a turn for the worse.  Don’t be alarmed if one of your hoyas seemingly is doing great one day and the next it looks like it is on it’s last leg. Just take as many cuttings as the plant will provide, fill up a small pot with fresh new mix and tuck the cuttings in. Water well until you see roots and do not forget to transfer the tag with the name of the hoya.  Even if the leaves look sadly dehydrated or shriveled…as soon as they establish roots, the leaves will return to their plump state and the plant will begin to put out new growth.  If the original plant had peduncles, be careful to preserve those and they too will usually continue on as before.

soft yellow flowers Hoya IF


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