Hoya dolicosparte is a super multiple bloomer

In the first year following the easy rooting, I thought nothing of this hoya…it grew, barely, but always looked healthy with no special care.  I decided that I would give it another season to perform and then maybe part with it to replace it with a hoya that would offer cuttings to my customers.  After a little chat with it, I talk to my plants and sing to them too, it began to grow and grow and grow.  When the first peduncle puffed up I automatically assumed it was a plant that sat next to H. dolicosparte. The vining and tangling sometimes leads to a confusing maze.  The pleasant surprise happened on June 3 when they blooms popped open. It was clear which plant this umbrel belonged to now. The bright green flowers were stunning and so unique…this was now my ‘favorite’ hoya. Since that day, I have kept an eye on the plant and it now has 4 active peduncles and it still as beautiful as the first time I experienced the green flowers. If you want a hoya with spunk…I would highly recommend this one!


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