Hoya erythrostemma IML 0713 – Blooms in many Colors

Please do not judge a hoya by it’s color.  This is very evident when I compare the two blooms that came to me on the same plant 4 years apart.  I doubt that the growing conditions have changed significantly since they have bloomed almost the same day of the year and have been outside under the same Florida sun.  Both are equally beautiful but I have noticed the one on the left smells of raspberry and did not detect a scent on the bloom from 2009.

On another note…the Bloom Calendar is a work-in-progress but my findings are beginning to conclude as I suspected, blooms occur generally the same time of the year and very often within the same week in most instances.

First: Bloom: July 14, 2013  Second Bloom: July 15, 2009

July 14, 2013                      July 15, 2009

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