Hoya kerrii ‘Revolute Margins’ at SRQHoyas

I imported Hoya kerrii ‘revolute margins’ from Thailand in the spring of 2014 and it has been a cinch to grow and maintain and now bloom.  This is not the normal Hoya kerrii that usually has the flat and very distinct heart shaped leaves.  Instead, this one has very large more rounded leaves with a dimple indentation on the end.  They resemble strangely stiff, solid green lily pads out connected to a stiff vine that reaches upwards.  The flowers were strong and determined to bloom fully on their first attempt.  They succeeded and continue to show their flowers even 4 days later.  The nectar is a perfectly round clear drop on the end of each corona on each of the flowers.  I find this amazing!  No scent has been detected which is a shame but the beauty of this plant makes it a must-have for your succulent collection.

Hoya kerrii 'Revolute Margins' at SRQHoyas

Hoya kerrii SRQ 3293 @ SRQHoyas PA

Hoya kerrii 'revolute margins'

Hoya kerrii SRQ 3293 a Stiff Vine


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