Hoya lazaroi…maybe Hoya lobbii…maybe not?

I received this plant on trade a couple of years ago as Hoya lazaroi and to this date I am unable to confirm or deny that identification. During the winter months while under the artificial lights it put out much new growth and became a stable strong plant.  About a month ago as I examined the hoya plants that grow on my shelf located on my lanai…I noticed a few buds that were puffing up under the leaves. This species hides it’s blooms below the stems so they are most visible from below.  Good thing my shelf is at a height that they were easily spotted.  After a couple weeks of watching and wondering what the flowers of Hoya lazaroi would look like I now know.  They are a dark dark burgundy and almost black with a soft fuzz on the petals. The flowers quickly reflex and remain that way resembling a rocket ship for 5 days now.  As they close up I am hoping to be able to take a couple more photos to show the progression from bud to dropping.  Enjoy these flowers…they  are very unique even in the Hoya Genus.

lazaroi3213 lazaroi3213_4 lazaroi3213_3

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