Hoya Leaf Drop During Travel

When asked about availability of larger specimen hoyas that I may have to offer, my response has been the same from the beginning.  I have had much success with sending and receiving small plants. They adapt faster to the new environment and push out new growth almost immediately. Larger plants seem to die back and growth is stunted for a period of time.”  Today I am documenting another reason that I do not often offer and ship mature hoya plants.  The plants I received are absolutely gorgeously grown and packed superbly but…the pile of fallen leaves breaks my heart.  Luckily the plant is huge and has many many more still on the vine.  Hoya leaf drop during travel is a valid reason for purchasing cuttings or well rooted cuttings which I refer to as small plants.

After further inspection for the reason of the excessive leaf drop it seems to be due to the fact that the plant was just well hydrated and the leaves got knocked around during travel and just popped off.  Some hoyas are much more flexible and they bend as opposed to ‘popping’ right off the vine.  The leaves are fresh and show no signs of stress from being cooped up for three days.  In conclusion, I see no way to avoid this happening through better prep…it just happens due to the size of the plant.  The box is arrived in was almost waist high!

I rest my case and will continue to offer small plants and cuttings but I am still thrilled with my new plants from Vermont!!!

Hoya rotundiflora's Fallen Leaves

Hoya rotundiflora’s Fallen Leaves


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