Hoya mani takes a Detour and Arrives Safely

Sometimes it happens that a package full or hoya plants gets on the wrong plane and takes a detour and still arrives safely at its destination.  I am guessing it has happened a half a dozen times since I started shipping these great plants and cuttings.  Those odds are fairly good and puts the chance at about one time per year.  Out of the many, many, many packages that leaves SRQHoyas, this is a great statistic!

Last week a small box containing only Hoya manipurensis, had detoured to Washington State on it’s way to it’s final destination of California?  I shipped as I usually do on Saturday and it arrived at the pseudo destination of Kent, Washington on Monday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the package was addressed to be shipped to Santa Monica, California.  It amazes me that the USPS is able to sort and deliver mail as efficiently as it does but sometimes mistakes do indeed happen. It is a good thing that hoya plants are tough enough to endure these detours even with extreme temperatures they are exposed to.  Granted the package contained a 72 hour Heat Pack that I offer as assurance that weather will not have a negative effect on the plant while in transit.

Here is the email I received which does have a happy ending…just no reason why it happened?

Hi Joni,

Well here is a success story.  I wondered why my plant had gone to Kent, Washington on the 29th.  I just got mani 5 days from shipment.  The heat pack was still working.  Plant was slightly moist but looked fine.  Just gave it a drink.  Tonight it will be 38° here which is pretty cold for us.

Happy New Year!

A success story indeed!  Like I said, it does happen and the USPS has no explanation for why is happened or any compensation if the plant had not arrived safely.  For these reasons I continue to pack well, insulate the box and add a heat pack during the winter months.  I have also learned that during these cold days I will not be able to use the ‘Pick Up’ service that the USPS offers but instead I hand deliver the package to the nearest Post Office each Saturday morning.  This eliminates the packages spending time in the cold and/or snow before it leaves SRQHoyas.
If you decide to NOT have your hoyas shipped until the weather is more favorable…I will be happy to hold your plants  or Rooted Cuttings here in the sun-room until the weather warms up.  Keep in mind that the small hoya plant you purchase may be a full grown plant in a few months!

Hoya mani takes a detour

USPS Tracking of Hoya manipurensis

Hoya mani takes a detour

Hoya manipurensis SRQ 3296

Hoya takes detour

Hoya manipurensis SRQ 3296


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