Hoya megalaster is one of the ‘Bloomingest’ Hoyas I grow

There has not been a week gone by that one of the species of Hoya megalaster has not been forming buds or blooming since mid summer. As soon as I brought the plants inside for the season and exposed them to grow lights for 12-14 hours/day they have been rewarding me with beautiful flowers.  They receive no special treatment…just a watering maybe once a week and the MSU fertilizer injected as I water.  I love the 2″ flowers and would not wish them to stop blooming except…as you know they do not put out new growth when in bloom so I am unable to share. Look for my ‘Bloomingest Hoyas’ on my Guidelines page to be published shortly. The list may surprise you!!!

Hoya megalaster IML 1099

Hoya megalaster IML 1099


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