Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island is blooming on many peduncles

This hoya is both fun and glamorous at the same time. The many-freckled leaves make it attractive day after day and the super fragrant blooms add to the fun many times over. I have grown this one inside under artificial lighting as well as outside under Florida sunshine and humidity and it has yet to miss a beat.

Today the sweet fragrance of lilacs fills my lanai and I notice this plant may be the culprit. Although only 2 of the umbrels are fully open there are many yet to come. I look forward to a week or more of enjoying and admiring this great hoya!

Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island spKoChang1508_8 spKoChang1508_4 spKoChang1508_5 spKoChang1508_6 spKoChang1508_3

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