Hoyas are now Growing in a Safer Environment

As I was placing my yearly order for Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide earlier this week I stumbled across another use for this liquid.  The less expensive version was labeled Pool and Spa Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.  Since I use this to keep my fountains clear I began to look deeper into the differences as well as the numerous other uses for this totally safe alternative.  While reading this information included on the Garden of Eden website I learned the dangers of being in and around the pool area for hours on end with the toxic gases permeating made me take immediate action to eliminate the dangerous environment.

Shortly after moving into my home I converted the pool water to a Salt System…sounds safer than Chlorine, right?  Well it’s not and is exactly that…chlorine but in smaller concentrations which still have the same effects on the body whether you are swimming in the pool or lounging poolside or living poolside as my hoyas are.  I was surprised when my shipment of 8 gallons of the liquid arrived via Fed Ex the next day.  I anxiously calculated the amount needed to ‘shock’ the pool with the initial treatment of H2O2 and carefully pored the 6 gallons into the pool as I nervously held my breath. Nothing happened as promised and I then let the pool circulate for an hour and then shut the pump off for 24 hours.  The thing I needed to do now was to turn off the Chlorinator to end the stream of chlorine to the pool so I called my ‘pool boy’.  He gave me the simple instructions and was a bit hesitant about what I was doing because he was not familiar at all with this type of pool care but assured me that he was willing to help in any way I needed him to.

I am happy to report that from now on, my hoyas will live in a chlorine-free environment.  It will take a short time for the chlorine to evaporate out of the pool but I since have added an abundance of H2O2 to ensure the water will be sparkling and clean and most important…SAFE!!!  The added benefits of the pool will now be felt by the abundance of oxygen which will be absorbed while swimming and the lack of harmful gases while tending to my hoyas.  I doubt that I will notice a change in the growth or behavior of the plants but just knowing I have cleaned up my living space makes me feel better!  More information on this and many other issues relating to living in a safer environment can be found on Go Beyond Organics.  I spent many hours chatting with Winston regarding the pool as well as my water quality and how my plants and I could benefit from the technology he has developed.  Tell him I sent you!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide Swimming Pool

Hydrogen Peroxide Swimming Pool


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