Hoyas try their Best to Attract Pollinators

While hoyas try their best to attract pollinators to produce seeds for expanding their species, they can become very sloppy but still beautiful.  This blooming umbel opened fully a full ten days ago and seems to be going strong even today but just a different kind of look.  It went from a tidy bunch of mint green re-curved flowers with tidy centers to this nectar stained dripping oozing bunch with the flower petals showing completely.  If the pollinators have yet to notice this yummy oasis, I doubt they ever will.  Being inside my sun room I doubt that many, if any, have gotten past Charlie the Anole, to discover this smorgasbord.

I wonder how many more days the umbel will hold onto these flowers before dropping the stained petal to the surface below?  Blooming for ten days is a very long time in the world of hoyas!  Rest assured that this is not the normal behavior for most Hoyas in bloom.  They are rarely this sticky and rarely ever present trouble for their surrounding that could be damaged from the syrup or nectar.

Hoyas try their Best to Attract Pollinators

Hoya kerrii on day 10 of Blooming

Hoya kerrii 'Revolute Margins' at SRQHoyas

Hoya kerrii SRQ 3293 @ SRQHoyas PA



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