Look at the Contrast of Leaves – Direct FL Sunlight vs. PA Sunroom Grown


Hoya oreogena IML 1214

I am just totally amazed and delighted all at the same time when I see the new beautiful leaves that are beginning to grow on my hoyas!  After many years of growing in the bright Florida sunshine for most of the year I now get to see first hand how many hoya plants should look in different growing conditions.  These photos show the contrast and are quite evident throughout the collection already.

Although they were growing underneath a screen enclosure the sun was for many hours and very direct for most of the season in Sarasota, FL.  The rate of growth with the humidity and moisture was extreme and soon I will be able to compare the factors that may affect the growth habits of these plants.  Here in PA they get little or no direct sunshine and at best it comes through windows that are tinted and double pane.  The skylights overhead provide light but certainly nothing direct.


Hoya baleansis ‘Splash’ SRQ 3191


Hoya waymaniae IML 1024

I have always been envious of the beautiful leafed hoyas I see in photos from particularly Sweden and wondered how to achieve their beauty along with still having the bounty of blooms. Maybe this environment I have created with give me the best of both worlds…only time will tell.





Hoya sp. Gunung Gading SRQ 3189

Hoya sp. Gunung Gading SRQ 3189

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