Many Hoya Cuttings are 50% OFF until the end of June

It’s that time again when the plants are growing like crazy due to a few things. The first being, they have finally have adjusted comfortably to their new surroundings. They were cooped up inside the garage/greenhouse for the winter and although they seem very content they respond much better to residing in nature.  Second thing, they got the necessary moisture from the numerous inches of rain that has happened in the past week or so.  The plants greened up almost immediately but as soon as the sunshine reappeared they took off growing with leaps and bounds. Now if I only had a few days to spend untangling the vines :0).

That being said, I am now comfortable with cutting and sharing some of the established vines that have hardened off since the new growth will take it’s place in a month or so.  Please do not think that I am offering shiny tender new growth because I am not…it does not travel well.  The cuttings will be hearty and healthy and maybe a bit spotted from nature but should root very quickly for you.  This time of year is the absolute best time for rooting!!!

The Specials will end at the end of June or when they have been exhausted…whichever happens first.

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