Misting Not Only for the Hoyas

I just realized why it is important and how important it is that I provide moisture as well as water to my hoyas each morning.  I was cleaning the room this morning so the last thing I needed was moisture when trying to vacuum and mop the floors. It is much easier to clean when the space is dry.  Five hours later the room is looking a lot better and the rain from the barrels now had to wet the plants.  You’re asking, “So what is the point?”  As I begun the spraying…I watched Charlie run to the highest leaf and begin lapping the drops from the leaf.  Poor thing was parched since the tray and plants were dry to the bone.  I must be more aware that I put him in this space to live and that I must provide what he needs to be happy and healthy.  Not sure what to do now that I removed my Greens Garden which provided many white flies for him to chow on?  I certainly did not want those around any longer…hoping he can find gnats or spiders to satisfy him.  Otherwise I may consider bringing in crickets for him to eat…yuk!

Charlie the Anole who lives at SRQHoyas

This is Charlie the Anole who lives at SRQHoyas

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