Peek-a-Boo Hoya callistophylla

I happened to be watering the hoyas on a Sunday afternoon and if I’d not done so I would have missed the flowers on this Hoya callistophylla SRQ 3212.  As I lifted the tight pack of stunning leaves to reveal the dry mixx, I noticed one tiny flower poking out between the leaves.  I then carefully picked up the entire potted plant and brought it out from under the lights to further investigate.  The growth on this hoya is very compact the thus the flowers do not have a chance to push onto the top of them but have no choice except to stay below.  This is one plant that you may consider potting in a hanging pot so you are able to see the underside easily.  These are way too beautiful to miss!

This hoya is a cinch to grow with its forgiving habits.  Water when you feel like it and the tough leathery leaves will survive in virtually any light situation.  Please not that the leaves will be much more beautiful with high contrast in medium light or sunshine.  The flowers have no noticeable scent but who needs a scent with all of this beauty?

This one was blooming for me last year near the same time in Sarasota, FL and is documented on my Bloom Calendar.

Peek-A-Boo Hoya callistophylla

Hoya callistophylla SRQ 3212

Peek-A-Boo Hoya callistphylla

Hoya callistphylla SRQ 3212


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