Potting Up…what I really mean

After receiving a new plant usually the first question I am asked is…”How soon can I re-pot my plant and what size pot should I plant it in?” As a rule, hoyas enjoy to have their roots in a small space.  Do not put you plant in a pot that will contain a lot of soil/mixx which will in turn cause moisture to be retained for long periods of time. The best solution I have found is to just put the plant and pot into a larger container in order to stabilize it when it becomes top heavy.

I start most of my plants/cuttings in a tiny 2″ pot. When the hoya has become semi-root bound and or top heavy, I re-pot into a 3″ square pot. From there, I sit that pot into a larger 6″ round pot. This way the plant has the base of support it requires. Keeping the roots in the smaller pot will allow the soil to dry out quickly will most likely prevent root rot.  I also use a larger bamboo hoop inside the 6″ pot for clipping the vines. Around the pot with soil I pour a mixture of silica stone and lava rock to stabilize the hoop as well as the 3″ pot.

At a glance, my plants appear to be growing in a large pot but an up close view shows they are thriving in a very small pot even as the plant grows large.

repotting a hoyaDSC01949DSC01950

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