Preparing for the storms this season @ SRQHoyas

The 2013 Hurricane Season has officially begun here in sunny Florida and the many preparations around the property are finally coming to an end.  Along with the named storms that most are familiar with, we receive our share of daily storms each day around 3pm which may last into the late evening hours. These storms pop up and develop along the line where the sea breeze collides with the land breeze. This line is located in my exact location, so these violent storms literally come out of no where and with little warning.  Most times I begin to hear the rumbling of the thunder and by the time I have the chance to look up into the sky to see which way the dark clouds are moving, it is pouring down rain.  With these storms come gusting winds, thunder, lightning, and in rare instances hail and tornadoes. Florida is known as the ‘Lightning Capital’ of the country if not the world due to the immense amount of lightning strikes that occur during storms.

As the final task to protect the hoya plants was completed this am I now can sit back and enjoy the showers that I can almost set my clock by. The plants love the rainwater but the wind continued to be an issue. The shelf is a safe haven since they are off the ground but as the winds blew, they would often take nose dives off the shelf onto the pool deck because they are very top heavy.  The result was broken vines, leaves and crushed blooms which mad me very sad.  This morning I installed a sisal rope around the perimeter of the shelf to protect them from tumbling to the ground during these times.  Now I will watch to see it they require a second protective guide to contain them high above the pool and deck.  I am hoping this will also protect them from the daily storms and if a hurricane comes my way this season, which is predicted to be a very active one.  As long as a tree does not far onto the screen enclosure, the hoya plants should be secure in their space.

hoya plants secured from the hurricanes, thunderstorms, hoyas protected

large hoya plants, protecting hoyas from the weather

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