Sap-filled Blooms of Hoya manipurensis

This hoya is one of my favorite for three reasons. The first being the cute heart shaped leaves that are almost always pubescent and so perfectly lined up along the strong upward vines. The second reason to fall in love with this species is that it is super easy to propagate/root during the long as well as the short days of the year. No issues what so ever from the time I snip the cutting until the stable roots and new velvety growth appear. The final reason to grow this hoya is that it blooms ate an early age and does so at just about every node along the vines with tiny but stunning flowers.  The yellow trumpets are fuzzy and filled with dark red sap that appears to ooze from the horn as the flower matures. No, this is not a messy flower since I’ve not yet noticed any drops ever falling from the opening. If you have the chance to add this one to your collection I assure you will not be disappointed one bit.

Ever Blooming H. manipurensis

Ever Blooming H. manipurensis

Hoya manipurensis SRQ 3296 EPC 07777

Hoya manipurensis SRQ 3296 EPC 0777

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