Shipping Discounts on SRQHoyas’ Ebay Auctions

I am passing along the Shipping Discount, that the USPS offers Ebay Sellers, to my bidders. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the workings of listing on Ebay, while purchasing postage through Ebay, we are given a discounted rate. It is not a set amount and varies according to the weight of the package, I believe. Anyhow, some have expressed that the Shipping Rates for my auctions are quite high. I do not have control over the prices, since they are calculated according to weight and your Zip Code. In order to lessen your costs, I will now pass along those discounts to you!!! I just implemented this option and am told it may take 24 hours to activate but rest assured you will pay the discounted rate when my auctions end! Thanks for bidding!!!



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