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If only I was able to grow my hoyas and collect new species from around the world and spend my days caring for them and photographing them, my life would be quiet and carefree.  The problem is that nobody would have any idea of what I have to share, so I realize the necessity of the World Wide Web and my presence in it.  A few months ago I redesigned the site to showcase the photos of these beautiful plants as well as simplify the navigation within the site. From the feedback I have received from loyal and new collector’s, it has been a success!!!

Just when I think I have successfully waltzed into the 21st century with an effective and attractive way to share my hoyas, I am faced with the question, “Is it possible for my customer’s to browse and make purchases on their mobile devices.” After 2 minutes of attempting to access SRQHoyas online, I had my answer, “No.”

I discovered that I did not have many options when it came to choosing a company to accomplish this task and that my best guess was JSWeb out of the United Kingdom.  At first contact I knew I had made the right choice and despite the time difference and currency conversions I was confident that they would make this transition for me painless and effortless on my part. I can tell you that I do not know when they sleep since I was exchanging emails with them as late as 8pm EST which was 2am UK time.

The result is a fast, attractive mobile site that looks and acts very much like my Desktop site. The photos are all there and they load instantly upon clicking them. The text is large enough to read so there is no zooming in or out to read the pages. My customers have placed orders with no problems, added items to their Wish List and also contacted me with ease.  In the world of Websites and Webmasters, this is a great asset to my internet based company and I know you will appreciate the option to grab that cutting or plant from your smartphone when you are not able to get to your computer, especially when the Back in Stock Notification email has arrived and you are away from home.

Mention this blog when you place a Mobile Order and I will be happy to send you a ‘Gift’ cutting of my choice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or issues you notice while browsing the Mobile or Desktop site. It is very important to me that you enjoy and understand the website and any issues on my end be resolved the best I can.  With your help I am making the best place to buy hoya plants!!!

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