SRQHoyas is Relocating to Pennsylvania!!!

After a little thought and many years of residing in the sunshine state, I have decided to move back to the area where I grew up.  Luckily my business allows me to do this and with a little planning and renovation to the new home and property the hoyas should not ‘miss a beat’.  The change will be a welcomed one to me since I will no longer have the chore of moving the plants outside in the springtime and back into the Garage/Greenhouse when the temperatures threaten to fall.  Although most of the plants adjusted with little struggle, some did not handle the change well at all.  Once I have them in their new Solarium, they will acclimate and spend time there year round!!! No more change of climate and light source, they will only rely on the natural sunlight coming through the insulated glass.

I must begin by thanking Doug at Vermont Hoyas for giving my the inspiration and hope that hoyas can and do thrive in the Northeast United States.  His plants are absolutely gorgeous and bloom well year round.  I chatted with him a little bit, via email, prior to making this life changing decision and although he would offer guarantees…I felt he was giving me the ‘two thumbs up’ to the environment I was about to create and build for my collection.  If you have not visited his website you are missing out on much beauty as well as information and education.

As far as the name SRQHoyas? It will remain the same even though we will no longer be in SRQ…which are the call letters for the airport here in town.  When I decided on the name I knew it would be perfect and I knew I would never leave my little piece of paradise. I have learned to never say never.  Keep posted for time-frame of the massive move north and I am hoping to have little or no downtime for offering the cuttings.  I look forward to my new adventure and the chance to spend more time with family!!!


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